I unequivocally recommend Neide to support babies, mothers, and growing families. Neide provided overnight care and sleep hygiene/gentle training for our new baby and what I will call baby integration for our whole family.

Neide was a calming and reassuring presence in our lives from the moment we decided to hire her. She instinctively knew what we needed and what our baby needed. Her overnight support allowed us to get the restorative sleep we needed to be present for each other, our toddler, and our new baby during the day, all while honoring my desire to breastfeed on demand. When I was preparing to write this, I asked my husband what he valued most about Neide’s support. I so appreciated his response: Thanks to Neide, we had the energy to be gracious with each other and our toddler from the moment we brought our new baby home from the hospital. We stayed connected, and that made integrating our new baby into our family so much easier.

 She worked from the beginning to establish healthy sleep routines and practices. The result has been phenomenal—a baby who, for the most part, puts herself to sleep and sleeps through the night without resorting to traditional sleep training. Neide assisted us with transitioning our baby from a bassinet to a crib in a gentle way and at a gentle pace.


NOWAK family

Neide has been with our family immediately following the birth of two of our children and she has been extremely helpful in all aspects of newborn and infant care. From sleep patterning, bottle feedings, soothing during periods of discomfort, social and emotional connection, and keeping the children clean and happy, Neide can do it all and her love for babies shines through her hard  work.

She is unfazed by the range of challenges that a newborn can present and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into the home with a calm and confident demeanor.
Neide is trustworthy, reliable, and transparent and any family would be lucky to have her as a doula.


ferrall family

I hired Neide for the first 6 weeks for my first child, and I very strongly recommend her.

She is professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and even our dogs were sad after she finished our contract!

My wife and I don't have family or other support in the area, so being able to rely on Neide's wisdom was extremely comforting. If you're looking for a good night's sleep after having a baby, definitely go with Neide.

Manhattan Beach, ca

anthis family

Neide really helped me build my confidence as a new mother and helped us establish a nap time routine for my baby. She is very kind, gentle, and has a calming demeanor which helped both me and my baby when he was crying or fussing.

santa clarita, ca

Ojediran family


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